May 18, 2024

Prisons & COVID: Northern Ireland

This page contains information on the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.

World Prison Brief: Northern Ireland

COVID-19 Latest Updates: Here you will find the latest information relating to COVID-19 for DoJ, Prison Service, Courts and Tribunals and Legal Services Agency.

A Guide to the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland: This Guide to the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland has been designed to explain each aspect of the system, and the roles and responsibilities of those working within it. It should guide you through the system from beginning to end, providing information for variety of users of the system.

Prisons in Northern Ireland: If you are remanded in custody or given a custodial sentence you will be held in one of the three operational prison establishments in Northern Ireland.

Religion Demographics of Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland is the smallest of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, the others being England, Wales, and Scotland. It is one of the two countries that make up Ireland, the other being the Republic of Ireland. The population of Northern Ireland is about 1.9 million people with a third of this population residing in the Belfast Metropolitan area.

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