July 20, 2024

Poverty in Black Boston: Public Town Hall Discussion and Seminar

As discussed, the May 18th gathering was the initial introduction of the discussion around “Poverty in Black Boston.” Consider it Phase One of four important conversations. This initial phase was “descriptive”. Its goal was to provide a very descriptive analysis of the organizing factors and contextual reality of poverty in Black Boston. Phase Two will take place in November. Please find below the slide reflecting a summary of the goals of these discussions.

Goals and Objectives

Poverty in Black Boston is becoming increasingly obvious. Take a walk at Downtown Crossing on any day. In the midst of an increase in gentrification, high rates of unemployment, the impact of well-documented incarceration of especially young Black men in Boston, the impact of the long-term process of marginalization is already bearing fruits of grave economic disparity. These developments were predicted by expert and excellent reports analyzing the impacts of sociopolitical and economic marginalization of minority groups in Boston and their restriction to necessary resources for social mobility. Save the date and join us for a public town hall conversation and seminar. Expect more information…

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Let’s Talk About Poverty, Race and Community Development.

This event is also based on the following reports and others: The joint report of Duke University and the New School produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 2015, “The Color of Wealth in Boston,” The “Race to Equity: The State of Black Massachusetts (2015),” “Giving Black Boston: An Intimate Portrait of Black Stewardship in Boston (2015),” “Economic Inclusion and Equity Agenda 2016,” and “Boston’s Booming…But For Whom 2018,” and “The 2011 State of Black Boston“.


Poverty in Black Boston Public Town Hall Discussion and Seminar Paper. Click to Download

Select Overview of Poverty in Boston Today Roxbury Mattapan and Dorchester (1)


Dr. James Jennings

We are grateful to Dr. James Jennings for preparing the organizing documents for this public town hal discussion and seminar:


“Poverty” is pervasive in Black Boston-Mattapan, Dorchester and Roxbury. It is time we talk about it.

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