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  This page contains latest news on imprisonment, sentencing, advocacy  and latest development regarding sentencing reform.     The War on Drugs in the United States Unity Was Emerging on Sentencing. Then Came Jeff Sessions. “WASHINGTON — As a senator, Jeff Sessions was such a conservative outlier on criminal justice issues that he pushed other Republicans to […]

Civil Rights: Race and Justice

Civil Rights: Race Justice Racial and other disparities The Gavel Gap: Who Sits in Judgment on State Courts?, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, June, 2016 “We find that courts are not representative of the people whom they serve — that is, a gap exists between the bench and the citizens.” The Color of […]


Sentencing Relating to sentencing policy. Americas Top Five Deadliest Prosecutors: How Overzealous Personalities Drive the Death Penalty, The Fair Punishment Project, June, 2016 “There are more than 3,100 counties, 2,400 head prosecutors, and thousands of line prosecutors in America — yet only a tiny handful of prosecutors are responsible for a vastly disproportionate number of […]

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  This page contains events about change, advocacy and social reform.   These days are politically, economically, socially, religiously and relationally challenging. The need to push for change is never in history more demanding in the 21st century than it ever was. When you think humanity has advanced in the fields of technology, medicine, philosophy, politics, sociology, […]